Thursday, September 8, 2011

Have You Any Reese's Cups?

Ok.... I have a confession to make. My name is Denise, and I'm totally in love with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Well, almost anything with chocolate and peanut butter really, but more so Reese's than anything else. Not the big cup ones, I hate those, they taste funky and should be used for target practice. I'm talkin about the regular peanut butter cups. OH. MY. GOSH. ...If you could combine Phil Collins - Can't Stop Loving You and Bryan Adams - Please Forgive Me, you'd be feeling the warm cozy feeling that I get when I get a hold of the delicious goodness that is a Reese's cup! It's literally THAT good to me.

But sadly, I have no Reese's cups in my house. Nor is there a store close enough for me to validate driving there to get one. I've tried convincing the hubby to let me have a vending machine full of them in the house! He said no...(party pooper.) But the other night I really wanted something with peanut butter and chocolate. And believe you me, I sat for a good 30 minutes on my couch before deciding against going to the store... (Its a personal war with myself every time. I always lose. Epic fail.) I did, however, happen to find in my pantry some semi-sweet chocolate chips and some peanut butter, and in my fridge I found a tube of Pillsbury crescent rolls. Score!!! (Can you totally picture me looking into my fridge saying that? If you can, you know me all too well! lol) But anyways, this recipe is an awesome quick, easy and cheap snack for any midnight cravings, girls night in, movie night with the family, sleepless nights with the baby. The possibilities are endless really.

So here's what I did!

- Set the oven to 350.

- Get a cookie sheet & spray it with Pam

- Take the crescent rolls out, separate them all onto the cookie sheet

- Spread a nice layer of peanut butter onto the roll. (You don't want to put too much on there, just use your best judgement. You don't want the peanut butter oozing out while its in the oven. If I had to guess I'd say I made about a 1/2 cm layer.)

- Sprinkle one some chocolate chips!

- Roll it all up! Just like baking a normal crescent roll. If your scared some of the ooey goodness might come oozing out while its in the oven then just fold the sides up.

Are you drooling at this???? I understand!

- Bake as long as the crescent roll package says to. Everything will follow suit with your perfectly baked rolls.
*Try to occupy your time as you wait impatiently because you can smell the amazingness in the kitchen.

- When you take them out of the oven let them sit for 5 or so minutes.

- Serve while hot. (Trust me on this!)

Oh, and by the way, sharing is permitted! No matter how much you want to guard the plate and wage war on any other hands attempting to invade!

Happy snacking! =)

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