Thursday, June 16, 2011

Super Scrumptious Spaghetti Sauce

During weeks like this there's a point in the morning that I realize I have to figure out dinner, & quick before it slips my mind again. Reason being that we didn't plan the meals out for this week, & funds were extremely limited. We had to use what we have, but that isn't a dinner death sentence! I have some things stockpiled! Yesterday I discovered there wasn't that much in the house as far as easy dinners go, and baby girl wasn't too  happy about hanging out in the living room by herself for too long, at all really. So I needed something that prepares quick, and is fairly easy to make. I decided to take a shot at making my very own spaghetti sauce using a variety of canned tomatoes.

In all of my infinite wisdom I FORGOT to take any pictures of it. I have none! It didn't even dawn on me to take pictures of the finished product until it was too late.  So, no picture-aided recipe today. I will, however tell you how I made it. I have to share something! And, if you were wondering, it was really yummy! And! One awesome thing is that it makes enough sauce for more than one meal, provided your husband doesn't dump it all into his lunch for the next day! lol.

Ingredients: (all of the cans are either Hunt's or store brand)

1 large can of crushed tomatoes (28 oz.)
**You would normally use two regular 12 oz. cans, I just had the big can in the pantry.**
1 can diced tomatoes with onions & green peppers in it
2 cans stewed tomatoes
1 small can of tomato paste
1 can carrots
1/2 large onion
Minced garlic (I used the stuff from the jar! So much easier!)
Olive oil


Open all of your cans & drain the diced tomatoes, stewed tomatoes and carrots.

Dice up your onion & separate it to two equal piles. (Whatever you think is half is perfectly fine. No ones gonna judge you, I swear! It's just you and your kitchen!)

Dice your carrots up into small chunks. (If you have a really picky eater, you can put our carrots into the blender with the tomatoes in the next step, if not just put them to the side for a few minutes.)

Put all of your stewed tomatoes & one of your piles of onions in a blender, cover & press the 'puree' option (I know, "why not just use tomato puree?" well, a) I didn't have any. b) I'm really glad I didn't, this came out WAY better!) I only let it run for about 15-20 seconds.

Put a bit of olive oil in a pan & let it warm up on medium-high for a minute or so.

Then put your onions in the pan to cook.

When the onions are about half way cooked put about a tablespoon or so of minced garlic in the pan too. Cook until the onions & garlic have browned a bit.

Then add the carrots & tomato paste to the pan. Cook this for about 4-5 minutes, constantly mixing & moving it around the pan. After the 4-5 minutes have passed remove the pan from heat.

In a large pot, pour in your crushed tomato, contents of the blender & contents of your pan.
**You can use a crock pot instead if you'd like. I'm sure it'll come out just as yummy!**

Mix, mix, mix & mix some more!!!

After your done mixing; season to taste with the parsley, oregano, basil, salt & pepper.

And then mix some more!!!

After you're arm feels like it's about to fall off from all of your crazy mixing, turn the stove to a low setting & let your sauce cook anywhere between 2 & 7 hours (Depending on how much time you have before hungry tummies find their way into the kitchen.) Just make sure to mix it about every 45 minutes.

And your done! Super easy & super yummy! Add some spaghetti & garlic bread and you've got a meal!

Happy Eating!! =)

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